Friday, July 30, 2010

green, green fields of home...

tomorrow is the last day of july.  ordinarily, come this time of year, these parts are on the far side of sere;  ugly, parched and dusty brown.  this year is the extraordinary exception to that most usual scenario.  i've been in the area since the early 70's.  this is the first time i can recall it being a greener shade of green this far into the summer season.


i'm not complaining, please understand that.  it's just that it's so refreshing having a view to admire from the 6th floor windows of the hospital where i've worked these 30+ years.  the top pic was taken looking to the west across coulter street.  green as far as the eye can see this time of the year?  un-heard of, i say.

the picture below it is looking toward the east.  the glass structure is our new arboretum. beyond it is a hill, that in a typical year would be a study in dry to the extreme.

it has been a wetter than usual summer for us.  in the spring systems came up from mexico, training rainfall along the way.

with august coming on and with no rain locally in quite a bit, the green, green hills of home stand a better than even chance of reverting back to the same old,same old. 

such is life on the semi-arid plains.  the best we can do is enjoy the view while it lasts, as long as it lasts.

on the other hand, if the rains want to continue, they'll get no argument from this quarter. aio

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