Tuesday, August 30, 2011

what is that i hear, dear...


in the spring, the wife hung humming bird feeders in the back yard in hopes of attracting the little fliers. day in, day out, week in and week out she watched; she changed the "nectar" faithfully but to no avail.  as spring gave way to summer she gave up. it's hard to give up on hope.

this morning as i looked at the back door, what to my wondering eyes did appear?  a hummingbird!  attracted by one of the wife's colorful geegaws hanging in the tree, a humming bird, barely the size of my thumb flitted here and there, landing at last in the safety of the tree.  of course, by the time the wife gets off the phone the bird was gone.

perhaps this signals the hummingbird migration to the south.  perhaps, if the wife hangs the feeder again, her efforts will be rewarded this time.  i hope so, that little flier sure was cute. aio    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLlWFhMk4Js&feature=player_detailpage  she should be so lucky!

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