Wednesday, August 3, 2011

20% chance of showers...

each day that goes by without rain, the collective spirit of our drought stricken state sags a little lower.  last night and today the local weather gurus were touting a 20% chance of some rain this afternoon and into the evening hours..  it's been so long, i've become afraid to even hope.

still a dry land cotton farmer at heart, i keep an eye to the sky most days, watching the cumuli forming and fizzling into nothing.  at noon today there was not a cloud in the sky but as the day went on the cumuli appeared, growing larger and grayer, as they built a faint ray of maybe grew with them.  as i was finishing up the yard work just now, while shedding my sweat soaked work clothes i heard the rumbling voice of an old friend. it was thunder, back again with the graying cumuli, tantalizing, teasing as has been too often the case this summer.

the first thing i did, once i got back in the house, was check the radar. sure enough there are a few little pockets of activity developing to the west and moving this direction.  nothing to shout about yet but still, the maybe could build into rain, at least for some folks.

whether or not the cumuli will favor 7420 remains to be seen. after all the flip side of a 20% chance of rain is an 80% chance that it won't happen here.  still, i have hope, thin at best, but hope.  aio

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