Monday, August 29, 2011

some day, the rains goinna come...

as i went to bed last night, i could hear that it was still sprinkling a bit as noted by the slow pit-a-pat on the skylights.  a check of the rain gauge this morning showed 1/4 inch of rain collected there.

the flooding caused by that bad girl, irene, is in the news today.  people by the 100's of thousands are without electricity this morning and are likely to be for days yet to come. it will be weeks or even years before some semblance of normalcy can be restored to the region reeling from irene's wrath.

today marks the sixth anniversary of another bad girl, one named katrina. she treated new orleans, la. and the surrounding region with the same disrespect, dealt the same miseries the people in irene's wake are feeling this morning. 

six years later, the big easy is regaining some of it's old rhythms.  the wife, just returned from there, reports "everything" is under construction. streets, buildings, a way of life is still under repair all these years later. and so it will be with the carolinas and the states of new england.  misery dealt so swiftly takes time to mend.

our hearts go out to the families who've lost loved ones in irene's wake. our prayers are with a region who's job ahead is to regain what katrina's victims are still working on--six years later. god be with you all. aio


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