Tuesday, August 2, 2011

one lucky bird...

                                                                                                                                         one may have the tendency to forget that the kitty curling itself around your feet, head butting you for attention and coughing up hair balls onto your freshly cleaned carpet was a wild animal back in the day. okay, "the day" was quite a long time ago but the instincts that allowed survival then are still around, deeply dormant maybe, but still there.from time to time we get a reminder that sweet little lucy is a huntress at heart.

we had a bit of drama around 7420 this morning as sweet miss lucy, and her sidekick ellwood, captured and brought into the house a half grown starling. it could have been a scene from the wild kingdom tv series-- the huntress capturing her prey, the pray managing to escape unleashing another wild melee aimed at capture again.

the starling, desperate to escape, flew to the light of the window, lucy racing low to the ground, anxious to capture the bird again. fortunately, for the bird anyway, i was able to beat lucy to the punch.  the bird, mostly unscathed except for the horrendous scare it received, lay calmly in my hands.  i could feel its heart beating like a trip hammer., it's  mouth was open, gasping for air.  i took the bird outside, held it high, loosened my grip and watched it fly away to live another day.  lucy meantime is prowling room to room in search of the elusive bird, mewling from time to time "where are you my pretty. i won't hurt you. i promise".

yeah, right! aio  

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