Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 years ago today...


America and the world pause today to remember the events of a decade ago.  today's agn has multiple articles from local folk with a more direct connection to the horrors of that day.  i have no personal connection with anyone who died, or who lost loved ones on that awful day.  still i am in tears watching, hearing those left behind as they recount their loss and share memories of that day and the days and years since.

safely ensconced in the anonymity of little a town, i watched in horror as the events of that day continued to unfold.  i am grateful for the relative isolation of small town America and the relative safety that comes with it.  certainly there are targets of potential interest to terrorists here.  yet being ensconced in the heart of this great land, the isolation inherent to our location remains a buffer against an attack here.

after 9-11-2001 there was an upsurge in patriotism.  i expect that will be the case after today. the light at the base of the flagpole here at 7420 burned out weeks ago. old glory has not been flown here in the interim.  watching coverage this morning moved me to raise the flag again, to replace that bulb in order that come dusk our flag can continue to fly, in memory of 9-11 heroes, and in honor of the men and women here at home and abroad who serve to keep this great country safe from those who would do us harm.

it is important to hold on to the feeling we had on that awful day ten years ago. we must never forget the images etched into a collective psyche.  the past years must not lull us into a false sense of the security.  the big bad wolf is there-- planning, conniving, busily plotting the next move.  hate is the fuel terrorists will use in their search for a way to hurt our nation, to strike another blow against all the United States of America stands for. 

pray for those whose job it is to find these terrorist schemes, for those who man the guard towers of freedom around the world. pray for the US of A.  Pray for us all.        aio                                                                                           


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