Friday, August 12, 2011

the jinx is on...

we started the day with a 40% chance of rain across the region, which in my mind virtually guarantees we won't get a drop here at 7420.  the skies were completely devoid of clouds until mid afternoon. 40%, yeah, right! 
as i was leaving work at 7, heavy blue clouds adorned the sky to the northwest. when i got home, a quick check of the radar showed a solid line of thunderstorms from one side of the panhandle to the other, headed south.  well, solid if you don't take into account the big gap in the line that would pass over the bulk of little a-town.  it brought to mind an old bob dylan/stealers wheel song "rainin' to the left of me, rainin' to the right, here i am, stuck in the middle with none."   yet again. (apologies to the artists) aio  

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