Wednesday, May 25, 2011

rain, rain, stay away...

a few of the regulars were gathered at the life center for our regular noon time "run" yesterday.   some were gathered around the tv's watching commentary on the devastation wrought in joplin, mo.  someone commented on how dry it is is this part of the world.  there's been just over 1/2 inch of moisture recorded at the weather station since the first of the year.  i agreed that we need rain, but was moved to opine "if an f-anything tornado is what it takes to get some rain here about, i think i'd just as soon stay dry."

with temps into the 90's and winds sustained at 30-40 and gusting higher the new sod we had rolled out last fall is looking a little worse for the wear. still i'll take that hit and anything else the dry weather wants to deal my way.

all these huge tornadoes, first in tuscaloosa, then joplin and last night in oklahoma, kansas and arkansas have me a tad bit antsy. we need rain, that's true, but if a tornado of any size is the price for getting it,  i say thanks-- but no thank you. 

i think i'll just take up cactus farming. aio                                                                                                                                            

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