Friday, May 13, 2011

american idol, final four...

wednesday night i watched performances by american idol's final four 2011.  each of the four gave amazing performances.  i had no idea which of the four would be eliminated.

thursday night, one of the four learns if he/she get's the axe.  would it be lauren alaina, hailey rinehart, james drubin or scotty mccreery.  as the evening progressed first lauren and then hailey was announced as being safe and part of the final three.
that left scotty and james, one of the two would survive to sing another night.  for the other, the journey toward a dream come true would come to a gut wrenching, horribly disappointing end.  as the two stood, each with an arm across the other's shoulder, each hoping against hope that it would be he chosen to go on, each hoping against hope that he would not be the one leaving, i knew.

in the moments before the announcement i somehow knew it would be james going home.  james with the hard rock creds.  james who didn't have one bad performance in all his appearances. it would be him going home and i think i know why.  of the remaining four he is the only one without a smile flashing perfect teeth, his ears are "funny looking", he wears a dangly feather ear ring in the left ear and although not a bad looking guy, he is perhaps not the best looking guy this season. that said, believe this-- damn, that boy can sing.

the other three, with perfect teeth, perfect smiles, perfectly "good looks" got more votes.  whether that was a conscious or an unconscious decision on the part of the voters, i can't say.  i hope it's not the case but it appears to me to be a case of prettiness prejudice. james received fewer votes because he is less a looker than the other remaining three.

admittedly it's just a theory on my part.  i have faith that, though he did not win the 2011 american idol title, he will be offered a recording contract. randy, jennifer and or steven will see that he gets a deal.  i have to beleive that. 

that leaves my favorite for this season, scotty mccreery still in the hunt. go, scotty! aio

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