Wednesday, May 11, 2011

dry, dry, dry...

watching the weather guys every night has become a case of same song, second verse, and third and fourth, and on and on ad nauseum. "no chance for rain during the seven day forecast".  "the dry line is setting up in the eastern panhandle".  leaving us mere mortals to wonder if it will ever rain again. 

all this dryness in the face of the folks being flooded out along the mississippi, as it rolls along to a record high crest.  thousands are being driven from their homes.

so here we sit, in panhandle of texas, high and dry. it was without a thought of rain that we went to bed last night.  we've been sleeping with some windows open to combat the high temps we've been having around these parts.  it was about 2 a.m. that we were awakened by the wind picking up to the 40-50 mph range.  I went around the house putting the windows down when i saw a flash of light. "what was that" asked my wife?  i don't know, you saw it too?  it was then we heard a huge clap of thunder.  what? thunder? that prompted me to check the radar on  and guess what, there were some storms barreling up from the south.  there was even some red on the return indicating some severity. 

here at the house we got little more than the sidewalk wetted, but it just goes to show, the weather guys don't always know.  someone should tell them, they can go on with their pronostication, but in the end a higher power is in charge of all things, including the weather. some folks around got more than a taste of rain, maybe even enough to need a rain gauge. official rainfall at the nws was .006, all that excitement for next to nothing.

after last night, in spite of what the weather guys have to say, we can always hope. aio

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