Saturday, May 7, 2011

7th annual Mister Mister 5 mile...

Saturday, May 7th, saw the 7th annual running of the Mike Roberts Memorial Run, or more familiarly, the Mister Mister 5 miler.  The day dawned cool, the winds calm.  Closer to gun time the winds had picked up but temps remained temperate.

Numbers were down by half from last year. First across the finish line was Monte Wells in a respectable 34:34.  Particularly respectable in that he and a handful of others ran the course prior to the start of the race "as a warm up" and the "measurement" being a tad long.

Scott Boyd, and others of the Family Life Center Staff,  put together yet another excellent event this year.  As is becoming usual for this run, the t-shirts were of extra high quality, not the 100% cotton number handed out at many races. That and the traditional post race breakfast burritos and sport drink make this run a bargain by any stretch of the imgination. 

Thanks go to the always excellent finish line crew--  the ever steady Rick Gauna, Johnny McNabb, and Mike Sherrer.  Karen Roberts and Christy Shortino made short work of tabulating age group results.  Thanks to Kevin McClish and the Lone Star Runners Club for providing the finish line chute and timing equipment.

For the seventh year Mike's family, some his closest friends-- Rod Wilhite, Robert Mauldin, Monte Wells and others, fellow members of Red's Raiders-- aka the finish line crew and me, folks who knew Mike and many who didn't, gathered to stage this run along the five miles of his favorite training course.  Those who knew and loved him hold his memory close and shared a smile and a laugh in the retelling of favorite Mike stories.  

Mike, your influence still holds sway.  Most weekdays there is still a crew of 2 or 3 and some days up to 8 or 10 who gather at noon at the FLC to run all, or part, of "your course".  Some are greyer, some are slower but still they gather. Some are training for that next marathon or half, some just hope to make it out and back in one day.  And so it will be until...

Hope to see you all next May at the 8th annual Mister Mister 5 miler. Until then...

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