Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

On this Mother's Day, the 34th celebration of the day since the mother of my children said she would, I reflect on the gifts she's given me in those years. The first, outside her pledge of undying love, must be the trust implied that I might be of some assistance in raising her first born son. She continues to aver, from time to time, that he is the real reason I asked her to marry me.  Not true.

Soon after we married, she blessed me with another son to love and guide and shortly thereafter a daughter.  Children, full of the promise of things to come. Witnessing, cherishing, all the little moments as they grew. The first smiles, the first tooth coming in and the first tooth given up to the tooth fairy. The first day of kindergarten, of first grade, of middle school, graduation from high school, university and the school of hard knocks. Grown and gone on to construct a life and memories of their own.

Countless memories, each one a treasure, given to me with an unfailing grace, a love and devotion I still find unbelievable.  Me, little old me, product of humble beginnings.  With infinite patience and an unerring, guiding hand she has transformed this small town, dry land cotton farmer's son into the man I am today.  The years have flown, come October we will celebrate our 35th anniversary.

The road behind us is long but we face forward, heads held high, pressing on toward new memories waiting for us just a bit further on down our road together.

Happy Mother's Day, skeetnose. I love you. aio  


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