Sunday, November 7, 2010

Haunted 2010

there's a definite disadvantage in working a set schedule, (usually thur., fri., sat.) in that in interferes with some things i'd like to do.  however, there is the wonder called the gregorian calendar which allows for certain important dates to come up on my days off; usually sun., mon., tues., wed., and such was the case this year.

halloween 2010 came on sunday!  this fortunate happenstance allowed the wife and i to partake for the first time in our son, c's, halloween march. this year saw the fourth annual Krewe de Coeur Maudit Halloween March-- "Haunted 2010" along congress ave. and 6th street in austin, tx.  it was a phenomenal experience.  the video below was sent prior to this years event to familiarize marchers with a new component, one of a "second line" new orleans nature. the funeral celebration.  it has some neat pictures from past marches (not to mention the dulcet tones of ckm.).  acess link below!

i often scratch my head in wonder when considering the fascinating mind of ckm!  three years ago witnessed the first annual krewe de coeur maudit halloween march in austin. at last, it was my thrill, my honor to bear witness, to experience up close and personal the fruits of his amazing vision.  the theme for this year's march leaned heavily on the ghost and skeletal remains of spirits past.  taking center stage, three ghost puppets, carried high above the crowds, gathered under the s. 1st bridge before the march along congress avenue and sixth street.  carried behind the krewe dcm banner and drum corps, these ghostly puppets seemed to float thru the air.  flashing colors, breathing smoke and a beating heart kept time with the drum line. it proved to be nothing short of fantastical.

based loosely on the tradition this year's march added  another touch from the "mardi gras" e.g. doubloons inscribed with krewe dcm on one side and "elysium" (host bar for krewe dcm celebrants) on the other were given outs as favors from the krewe.

it is my hope the krewe can continue the march for years to come.  there is nothing like it being done in austin, (the city that put the W in weird).  a bing search revealed various other halloween marches across the country. i would wager there is none to rival the krewe's march in orginality and scope.

it is enough to boggle the mind, hearing the cheers, seeing the flash of hundreds of cameras, feeling the attention of a 6th street crowd riveted on the spectacle.

check out the links below for images of this year's march.  once the ghosts pass out of frame "krewe dcm "coverage" is finished for the particular video.

my recommendation-- if you ever have a hankering for a once in a life time experience-- take in a krewe dcm march.  as a participant, or spectator, it's one you will not soon forget.


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