Monday, October 25, 2010

and they call the wind mariah...

rare is the day, here in the texas panhandle, when there isn't something more than a gentle breeze ruffling things about.  scheduled over the past weekend was the annual "pirates of the canyon" hot air balloon fest.  this year's event never got off the ground.  why?  too much wind!


ideally the winds for a balloon launch and landing should be at 5-10 mph, depending on the skill level of the pilot.  an average day hereabout sees 10-15 mph winds with gusts somewhat higher. 

panhandle folks don't think much about winds in that range. early morning, or late afternoon, is the time for conditions ideal for launch. unfortunately, conditions less than ideal; winds above the optimal limits kept the balloons grounded.  festivities continued in spite of the inconvenient breezes.

then there are days like today with winds 35-40 with gusts above 60 mph.  had the balloons managed to launch today they might have ended up strewn across the canyon like the beans from coach b.'s locust trees.  the beans were blown across the street and two houses down.


today was not a good day for man, beans-- or balloons. aio

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