Saturday, November 20, 2010

the bourgeoisie life...

don't i wish!  working the set shifts, every thursday, friday and saturday, i had forgotten the luxurious feel of sleeping late on a lazy saturday morning. on occasion my counter part at the first of the week needs, or wants, to be off on one of her set days, monday, tuesday or wednesday. such was the case this week so we traded her wednesday for my saturday.

one of the benefits of my set schedule-- for the wife-- is knowing she can schedule things on my work days without worry.  she had long ago made plans for this saturday morn. she left early to attend to them.

that left me here with the three cats, all sleeping into the late hours of the morning in delicious decadence.  i've nothing specific planned therefore i choose to do just that, nothing in particular.

the coffee and crosswords are done already.  now what?  i suppose i'll tune in the wtamu buffalo's playoff game. depending on how that goes i might go for a run. (i really should, the weather is not likely to be as nice for days in a row until spring comes back around.) we'll go out to dinner before this evenings symphony performance, "bravo broadway. " other than that this is a rare week-end day of lazy, guilt free leisure.

forgive me, if i cut this short.  all this typing is getting in the way of my doing absolutely nothing.  until, next time, have a cat nap.  that sounds like a great idea!  aio                                                                                          

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