Wednesday, November 10, 2010

waiting beyond the "next blog" button...


in my previous post i opined that any new visitor to "kidsdonegone" likely came to the site via the "next blog" route.  i'm ever curious re: what other people are wasting their time on, like i am, composing the next bit of drivel recorded for posterity on the ethernet.

the first site i was directed to today, when i clicked on "next blog"  today was a site entitled in short, "flying solo, traveling light" authored by Donna ??????.  donna, it would seem is something of a world traveler. her latest blog was posted from mineral de pozos, mexico.  apparently pozos is an abandoned mining/ghost town now being rehabited and becoming a tourist destination.  her pictures of pozos are quite beautiful.

the beauty of her pictures made me reflect on the world at large, most of which i have not an inkling.   certainly i'm aware there is a big blue marble suspended in the vastness of space but there is so much to this world, most of which i haven't the faintest idea.

donna is one lucky lady.  her blog site has a map above which sits an inscription "where in the world has donna been".  suffice to say she is well traveled but even that, when taken into consideration the vastness that is the earth, leaves so much more world for her to see.

it makes me sad when i consider how little of this united states i have any direct expereience with. that aside, it's mind blowing to me when i consider how little of the great state of texas i know first hand.  even places i've visited fairly often, austin, new orleans, the california wine country,  have volumes of interesting things about them i have yet to explore.

so where am i going with this meandering piece.  i don't know really.  visiting her blog has made me feel like a single grain of sand on the beach that is my world.  the tides wash me here and there but circumstance dictates the unlikeliness of my coming to rest on some foreign, more intriguing shore. 

until today i was blissfully unaware of  mineral de pozos' existence.  my loss perhaps, at least until today.  at the very least i now know of its being there.  thank you donna, thank you, for that.  perhaps sometime down the road i can visit there, to breath it's air, to take in it's ancient wonders, to record them in photos of my own.  you can visit www. to see her pics.

and if by some stroke of fate, someone in mineral de pozos happens to hit "next blog" and against all odds "kids done gone" should happen to be the "flying solo, traveling light" discovery for them-- little a-town and myself say, "come on up". there are things here of which you likely never knew; local wonders awaiting discovery like mineral de pozos was for me. aio

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