Tuesday, November 9, 2010

are you lost????


one might say it is beyond sad when the highlight of my day is to discover some lost soul has stumbled upon this internet way station.  rarely does that happen, but when it does i can't wait to get on the ip tracker site to see from where the hit originated. my guess is 99.99999% of new hits come from the "next blog" feature of the site.

however these new hits come about, i hope the accidental reader takes a minute to browse.  i'm not vain enough to think every entry here is a gem but, as they say, "even a blind pig can find an acorn now and again". 

the focus of the blog is family.  it would be presumptuous to assume a "stranger" might take something away from reading any of the posts here.  still, the sentiments recorded should resonate on some small scale with any who have loved ones far removed and seldom seen. 

friday will mark the 41st natal day of our oldest.  my how the years have flown and with the years have come a wealth of memories for which i can only say-- thanks.  i hope you have a great day! i wish we could be there-- oh, and one other thing--geaux saints!  aio

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