Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tech-- Tubervilled again...


oh my gawd!  how I miss mike leach!  the leach era red raiders might not have won every game they should have but at least you could count on an exciting 60 minutes of football on the way to the L.

i'm agonizing over a game i didn't see, fussing about a score that should have been reversed in tech's favor.  taylor potts threw for 5 TDs for pete's sake; tuberville still manages to lose?  so exactly where is this improved defense the tech faithful has been promised? for crying out loud, it's iowa state-- not the strongest team in the big 12.

of all the game balls, the football should be the easiest to hold on to;  it's tapered at both ends lending itself to a better grip.  it's when a player loses his grip on the ball and it hits the ground that problems begin.  because of it's shape the football can take some funny bounces.  it bounced in iowa's favor saturday night.
the chatter coming out of lubbock is distinctly bleak.  tech's next several games are on the road, leading one to fear that after the scene in iowa mean times are ahead for tech unless tuberville can find a tourniquet to stem the Ls the raiders are likely to bleed.

red raiders fans can only hope tuberville can get tech's act together before they take it on the road, and on the chin, again. is it too soon to get the rail ready? aio

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