Saturday, October 23, 2010



another work week down, another three work days closer to going on the dole.  another bottle of barefoot moscato down the maw. 

yesterday marked our daughter k.'s, and husband k.'s, fifth anniversary.  congratulations to them.

tomorrow marks 34 years of marriage for the wife and me.  in those 34 years there has been way more good than bad, more happy than sad, all in all a grand adventure.  who woulda thunk the divine ms. b. could have turned this sow's ear into anything close to a silk purse.  for sure i've a ways to go on that front but any refinement i may have accrued over the years is a tribute to her blind faith and abiding spirit.

to the newlyweds mentioned above i say-- in order to make it to 34 years, or 6, 10, 15, 20, 25, or even 30 years, one must look past the warts, forgive the slights and believe deeply that tomorrow the sun will rise with the promise of a better day. with the dawn of each new day, vow to have your partner's back.  remember the promises you spoke in earnest on that day; they should remain as sincere, and as close to your hearts, today as they were on your wedding day. 

marriage is a contract signed by the two of you in front of God, family and friends. it is one of give and take.  for the smart man, it's more give than take but each should be considerate in all things. in short, a successful marriage is hard work. the load should not, cannot, be carried by one alone.  any load is lighter when shared. there is no "i" in a good marriage; no "me'.  what "i" cannot accomplish alone, neither can "me".  the key to the years is in the "we".   

will you just listen?  who am i, a marriage expert?  certainly not, but i do have 34 years in the trenches.  that is the platform from which i speak; or maybe it's the moscato talking. aio

p.s. to the divine ms. b., happy anniversary!  i love you babe!

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