Monday, October 4, 2010

i see a smile in your eyes...

reading the post on the monkey heart discourses titled "the fog on cats feet" makes me wonder. reading that the "monkey heart" is feeling low makes me sad.   the words written by paul francis webster. the song is "the shadow of your smile"

the shadow of your smile
when you are gone
will color all my dreams
and light the dawn
look into my eyes , my
love, and see
all the lovely things you
are to me

a wistful little star
was far too high
a tear drop kissed your lips
and so did i

now when i remember spring
all the joy that love can bring
i will be remembering
the shadow of your smile.

so, to the monkey heart--  may tomorrow be filled with the promise of sunrise, a canvas waiting to be filled with beauty of your choosing.  fill it with love and the joy of a new day. 

mama's comin' babe.  she'll be there to hold you-- heart to heart. aio

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