Sunday, September 5, 2010

the tuberville era...

get your guns up! today is a new beginning for my texas tech red raiders football program.   mike leach is done. good, bad, or indifferent his time as coach of the raiders was an exciting one and time will decide how best to judge the mike leach era.

today marks the debut of  tommy tuberville as the new head coach of the red raiders football program.  college football on a sunday!  who woulda' thunk it?

putting that oddity aside, it is with keen anticipation that i await the kickoff of the tommy tuberville era of texas tech red raiders football.  i can't wait to see what changes he may have wrought. his idea that there is two sides to a football team in not new, but it is a concept largely missing over the last ten years.  the raiders have scored a lot of points over those years.  without limiting ones opponents' scoring, putting up big numbers doesn't gurantee a win. one couldn't help feeling a bit sorry for the raiders' defensemen.  under leach, defense was even less than an afterthought.  it wasn't thought of at all. at least it seemed that way.

tuberville has promised change on that front AND he has vowed that tech's prolific passing game will remain, balanced by an effective running game. with a renewed emphasis on the defensive side, bring it on. we'll just have to wait to see what we will see. t-minus 75 minutes and counting until kickoff. 

Tommy Tuberville--TT.  Texas Tech--TT.  i am beside myself in anticipation of what the sum of TT+TT will be.

this afternoon begins the solving of  that equation.  i'm hoping it is a formula for huge success--  for many years to come. get your guns up, raiders' fans!   aio

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