Wednesday, September 8, 2010

hermine, hermine, wherefore art thou hermine...

hurrican hermine, now a tropical dpression , has for the most part ignored these parts.  down south, around houston and san antone, she saw fit to dump some significant amounts of rain and places in oklahoma are predicted to recieve up to 10 inches as she spins and spends herself toward the heartland.

as for here, i saw what looked like a lone outer band on radar, pinwheeling its' way toward us.  during my noon run with the guys the hypnotic smell of b-b-q from the c.o.c. cook-off wafted our way and we were favored with a gentle sprinkle.  not enough to make us turn around for "home", it did manage to wet the streets.

downtown is 5 miles east of 7420, give or take, and we have seen nothing even close to that gentle sprinkle here.   

weather has always fascinated me.  that interest was spawned during summer days on the dry land cotton farm that monopolized my youth.  weather prediction is no precise science, even today, more like an educated guess i would say.  back in those days, a farmer kept an eye to the sky, monitoring the horizon for any emerging hint of rain to come. 

it seemed to me that our farm was at the bottom of the list to get rain and at the top of the list of farms to get hail.  herbicides were just coming onto the farm scene back then.  of course herbicides cost money, of which we never had enough.  cheap labor was the way to go, cheap labor in the form of us kids, that is. lots of years the weed crop bested by far, the cotton crop. where was "better living through chemistry", when i needed it most?

it is not for me to know why the weather patterns develop as they do.  what i do know is that even in these times of mostly accurate weather prognostication, it never hurts to keep an eye on the horizon. a change in the weather is coming!  the question is, as it has always been-- when? aio


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