Wednesday, September 1, 2010

at last...

with apologies to ella:

at laaaaast. a new band has come along
the darker days are over
the sounds, more like a song
oh yeah, at last.....

i've not shed any tears over the demise of c.'s previous bands, pretty pretty and isaac the blind.  when i learned the name of one of his latest ventures, the town hall devils, i was prepared to not like them too based solely on the name. i'd not heard a note played, not heard a word sung,  had nothing more to base an opinion on other than the name. that is, until last night.

last night i received an e-mail from c. informing me that a video, of tthd playing at the reclaim outdoor shebang on the 14th, is available on their facebook page. the song in that video is stolen cars .  also there is a demo of everybody's watching you up on their myspace page for your listening pleasure.

i am intrigued.  i think i can learn to like this new group a lot. i've played e'swy several times and am liking the sound of it more and more.  as for sc, i prefer to reserve judgement until i can here the studio, or live, version.  i'm fairly sure the video doesn't do the song justice.

it does my soul good to see c. and k.w. moving away from the heavier stuff they've done with previous groups.

the other band he's hooking up with is called acid beach.  he tells me this bunch is an instrumental surf band.  now that's different, and something i'm very curious to hear. i feel i may like them as well.

the important thing he is happy doing what he loves and that makes me happy.  it's all good. aio

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