Monday, September 6, 2010

TT 35, SMU 27...


the tommy tuberville era at texas tech is off and running, if you could call it that-- 31 rushes for  a total of 72 yards is less than impressive.  that kind of yardage might have come from a mike leach coached game, with way fewer attempts.

as for the new emphasis on defense.  the score at the end of the third quarter was 35-17.  the raiders did provide a huge degree of excitement in the fourth.  not the good kind however.  smu scored 10 points  and had the ball driving for another score when the tech defense at last bowed its' back.

and exactly where was the raider offense in the fourth?  missing in action-- that's where.  points scored in the fourth to help the raider cause?  0-- nada-- zilch.  that is to say-- nuttin' honey.

the smu mustangs are a cusa (conference usa) team.  this debut of the tuberville era leaves me more than a little concerned for when the raiders face the texas longhorns and the rest of the big 12 (now 10) teams in the coming weeks.

something key was just not there for my raiders in this sunday afternoon, college, football game.  for one, they must have left the shredder in the locker room.  the leach type run and gun excitement is gone.  TT announced that TP (taylor potts) is the best man to lead the raiders into the tt era. he was good, completing 34 of  53 attempts for 349 yards with no interceptions. still, he left me wanting more.

so, just what was missing on this fine sunday afternoon on the south plains.  a priates' swagger for one; that  rare ability to inspire those around to bigger and better things. 

zero points scored by tech in the fourth quarter. unbelievable! and as i said, the much improved defense was  "in absentia"  for most of the fourth until at last it stopped the driving mustangs on fourth and long with just over a minute left in the game.

my eaky leaky heart is not up to such drama.

so it looks like  TT  and TT have their work cut out for them.  i'm thinking that after yesterday the rest of the big 12?/10 teams are licking their chops at the  prospect of having the TT red raiders for dinner.

the solution?  i'm no coach and i ain't no seer, but i'd like to see what steven sheffield can bring to the dinner table! aio

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