Monday, April 28, 2014

89th season finale....

any of you who have a fondness for Gershwin would have enjoyed Saturday night's toe tapping finale of the ASO's 89th season. it was in a word-- fun.  and, did i mention, damned good fun.

Joseph Young, associate conductor of the Atlanta symphony took the baton for Maestro Jacomo Bairos in his absence.  Thanks are due to Jacomo and the symphony staff for bringing this marvelous talent to little a-town.  what a conductor!  he had our little band of players in top form. he is well spoken and continued in the educative vein Jacomo has shared with symphony audiences. Bravissimo, all!

in years past, the symphony season has ended with the choirs from AC and WT performing  major works along with the symphony.  the hallelujah chorus comes to mind.  fine singers all but i have an intense dislike for one individual from among the groups thus i've found myself staring daggers at that person and not enjoying the performance as much as i might.  totally my problem, but...

this season's finale was unique not only in that we had the guest conductor but we had not one, but two guest artists.

i've found myself in trouble in the past for commenting here about a particular soprano's voice; and more to the point, about the dress she was wearing. (she should've considered the source or have forgone reading comments posted to an amateur blog)

anna bergman, guest soprano, was in fine form vocally and quite witty in the bargain.  her gown was very pretty, btw.

when i envision a concert pianist, i see long, rather delicate fingers.  Kevin Cole, the guest pianist, signed cd's after the performance. i noted his fingers to be anything but long or delicate yet he wrangled an amazing performance of "rhapsody in blue" from them.  i can only imagine how many hours of practice might be involved for anyone set to the task of performing any major piece.  workmanlike fingers?  perhaps.  but it was a classic performance of rhapsody and just goes to prove one should never judge a book by its' cover. amazing, sir! 

a very entertaining evening all around while leaving me to imagine what wonders ASO's 90th season may bring.

note to self: get our season tickets renewed ASAP.


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