Sunday, April 27, 2014

crow, under glass...

a while back I was gently poking fun at folks here in little a-town for carping about the dust storms so prevalent this third spring of the drought.  having grown up on the south plains I have some knowledge of spring winds and the sand storms they bring on windy days like today.  often on days like the last few i've  been known to pronounce, "this is a good day NOT to be in Lubbock, tx".

this entry to kdg will serve as an apology of sorts to the folks i was gently ribbing for bemoaning the "awful dust storms" of late. 

this morning on my way to the office (donut stop) the wind was howling to 40 mph, sustained, and what did i see? the sky was brown and dust was in the air; not a sand storm as in lubbock, but the earth was most definitely on the move with eddies of little a-town dirt blowing down the pavement.

my point?  we need rain-- and it's still a good day not to be in lubbock,  tahoka. o'donnell, lamesa or any little burg down that way where a sand storm this time of year can sand blast a car.

i've been gone from that country for 40 years and I still don't have all the sand out of my craw.


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