Thursday, August 23, 2012

little a-town...

the daughter's latest post at poses the question "what do you love about where you live?" living in new orleans there is a lot to love for her.

living in little a-town since the early 70's, it's not hard to conjure up many fond memories but with the kids grown and gone it's easier to think of things that i like "not so much" about where i live.  the biggest dislike surely is the little factoid mentioned above, that is the kids are long gone, time wise and distance wise as well.

the closest, son number two, is a hard days drive away (for my ailing knees) in austin. he of the musical persuasion is as "in love" with the "live music capitol of the world" as is his sister is  infatuated with "the big easy".

son number one is way out west in concord, california. close enough to be within an easy drive to the sonoma or napa valleys or to drop on down to san francisco for dinner, he is in love with exploring the many wineries of the area and mainlining foie gras before the ban takes affect.  calife seems to have made him an oenophile and a bit of a food snob.

the gist of  this points to what i like least about little a-town, that is that it's just too damn far from where they are to here, or here to there, to suit me. still and all, moving some where else would do little to make an exceedingly disagreeable situtation better.

so-o-o-o, little a-town i guess i'll stick around seeing as you make for the shortest long distance to where they are.


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