Saturday, August 25, 2012

beyond saving...

i ran into an old acquaintance today.  some of you probably know him, his name is manual labor.  on closer inspection the defect at the base of the tree turned out to be pretty awful.  we decided the tree would have to come down. so that's what me and manual have been doing for the better part of the day.  first we worked at taking off the smaller limbs with my dinky little chain saw.  then we went to the tree trimming saw on the 16 foot handle.
the thing to remember when using this tool is to use the legs.  the key is to keep the hands and arms in one position, rocking forward and then back, the saw makes short work of  limbs 4-5inches around.
the next chore, get the rest of the tree  down.  i was able to rock the trunk, moving it back and for a few inches but it was not to be that easy.

i transplanted this tree from the side yard to its' present position many years ago.  to get it out of the ground then i dug down about two feet.  i then tied a rope around the axle of the sentra. i was driving at the time, and around the base of the tree.  using a gentle rocking motion i was able to eventually tease it out.

i used  the same technique today using the tow rope from my emergency road side kit looped around the tree and hooked to the frontier's rear bumper.  with infinite patience and after multiple tries the tree finally surrendered; didn't want to jerk a bumper off after all.
okay that's done. take a look at the closeup of the non-existent tap root .  i have to believe it's because i transplanted the tree, leaving a big part of the tap root at the original site. i'm sure that played a part in the hurricane force winds having its' way with it.
the next chore was to get this monster out of the yard.  the frontier and the tow rope managed that without taking out the fence.

i have my dad's old scissor jack.  using the jack to raise the bole of the tree off the ground, propping up the bole to save the height i'd gained, i used a car ramp, bricks etc to gain more height and after multiple fits and starts i finally got it high enough. i then backed the frontier up until the tail gate touched the bole.  resetting my contrivance, at long last the beast was in the bed of the truck. after loading the trimmings, and some 8 hours from the start of this grand adventure, i headed out to the tree cemetery (aka the chipping site).
 manual, you're no friend of mine.


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