Sunday, May 27, 2012

yesterday, i swiped my badge one final time beginning the last day of my 38 years at BSA.  as the day wore on the laggard second hand of the clock rounded its way past the hours and minutes until, with one last lap around the dial, it was done.
my least favorite thing in the world is change.  that might go a long way toward explaining why i've spent my whole career at one hospital; why the last 27 of those years were spent on the rehab unit assisting patients through the difficulties that life so often brings.

but change?  i've seen a few!  when i embarked on what was to become 38 years, the hospital was still using glass thermometers to measure patients temperatures.  the beds had cranks for adjusting positions. blood pressures were measured with cuff and stethoscope. all that changed in short order, automated this and that, faster indeed but more accurate?  i'm not sure. 

back in the day, nurses, the female of the species anyway wore white everything; dresses, hose, shoes and the ubiquitous cap bestowed upon them from their school of nursing.  walk down the hall of any hospital today and it's nearly impossible to tell a nurse from a housekeeper or diet tech.  everyone wears scrubs!  the id badge likely has a job title on it but 50% of the tags are flipped around backwards.  i'm told that bsa will be switching to a new badge that has the same info on both sides.  oh, yea! another change!

people ask me what i'm going to do with my time in retirement.  i tell them i'm not sure but i do know that i'll not be swiping my badge every thursday, friday, saturday at BSA.

i reckon i'll just have to see what the next lap around the old clock dial has in store. 


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