Sunday, May 27, 2012


as i lay in bed saturday night, in search of sleep's sweet embrace, i found myself wondering what the new day, the first day of retirement, would feel like.

 i finally freed myself from slumber's grip at the stroke of noon on this sunday morning.  my first thought was, "you lazy bum, you've wasted half the day, half the first day of the rest of your life."

after getting the first pee of the day out of the way and seeking coffee's saving grace i fetched the paper.  coffee and the sunday paper; so far, this day no different than any sunday morn in recent memory.

the phone rang.  it's my daughter calling to check on "how are your feeling on this first day of retirement? do you feel any different?"  after a moments consideration i told her, "it does feel different.  not that i've dreaded going to work these past months, weeks and days, 'cause i haven't.  but it does feel different knowing that come next thursday morning i don't have to go to work.  i can spend that day and the remainder of my days doing whatever i choose to do."

come on retirement!  hit me with your best shot! 


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