Monday, May 14, 2012

te quiero, el nino

it's a dark, gray day out there again today.  after last summer, the whole year really, with it being the driest on record around these parts, today is just a treat.  why, might you ask?  it just doesn't happen that often here, this year or any other, that we have rain in significant amounts-- two days in a row.  and this on top of a very rainy day this past saturday.

this morning i heard the wife bemoaning, " i can't believe it's raining again today."  i told her she should hush. 

when there's a drought like we've been having around here of late, you take the rain when, and as often as it comes.  one never knows, this rainy spell could dry up with the last drop of rain that falls this morning.

the dry land cotton farmer in me says, "keep it coming" and "i love you, el nino!"


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