Tuesday, June 28, 2011

oh, my goodness...


we ducked out of town late friday night with the thought that we wouldn't have to spend the better part of saturday driving down to big a town to see c. and c. and the animals. still it was about 2 p.m.  when we pulled up at 1514 cattle trail. 

in a post last year i commented on our grand state being green from top to bottom and east to west.  fast forward to 2011.  as brown and sere as it has been 'round these parts i expected to see a sea of tinder dryness from here all the way to there. 

conditions have been dry all over the state but about as soon as we dropped off the caprock, at Post, things started greening up some; the further south we got, the better things looked.  the hill country south of Goldwaithe was mighty close to pleasing to the eyes.  in point of fact, c. related that big a town had received 21/2 inches from one system that moved through there recently.  life, and the fickle weather, is just not fair.

in another post last year i opined as to how the key to getting rain around here was for us to leave town.  if i recall, the night before we got back from that trip there was generalized flooding as a system dropped 61/2 inches in a short time. 

we just pulled in the drive from making our way back to little a town.  as luck would have it, we got rain early this morning.  not a flood like last year, and for sure the drought is not broken, but we are grateful to have received .49 inches to bring the total for the year to 1.15.  winds were reported at 59 gusting to 70 mph with the system.  i believe it, the front yard is littered with limbs and leaves.

i'll be interested to see where channel 10's rain gauge shoot out stands after this latest addition to the totals. normal rainfall for june is 3.25 inches.  at 1.15 inches we are well behind the average for june, and so far from the average rainfall to date of 9.25 inches we may not see that much for the whole year.

i'll leave town every weekend from now on if that's what it takes to get some significant moisture in here.  whatever the sacrifice, i'm up for it.  aio  

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