Wednesday, June 29, 2011

halloween 2011...

one reason for leaving little a town for big a town was to get to some cooler temps, but the main reason was to support c.'s fundraising efforts for the 5th annual                 krewe de couer maudit halloween parade (and to hear the devils play).
 it was a rawkin' good time at the red 7 club. 

those attending were treated to sets from the coffee sergeants, twin prisons and
the town hall devils. there was some great food provided by friends of the krewe, happy hour pricing at the bar-- what's not to love.

if you happen to be in our capitol city on halloween night 2011 you should take in the krewe dcm parade.  for more information check out the krewe  at--                or or

there are more pictures of the event on facebook--  like this one.  for a better idea of the fun had by one and all go to the krewe's facebook page.  see you on halloween, the march is a funtastic time. aio

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