Monday, June 13, 2011

oh baby, it's hot outside....

It was a balmy 99, panhandle of texas, degrees as i finished up jog-walking 4 miles at noon today.  As the day progressed into mid-afternoon, the temp topped out at a scorching 105.                                                             

All this heat and not a rain cloud, or an oasis for that matter, in sight.  the weather gurus bravely hang their hats on a 20% chance of rain in parts of the area.  kenemac translation = "it ain't gonna rain here today."

i paid the water bill today, which was knocking on the door of a c-note, and it's barely the middle of june.  yikes, something's gotta give, but it doesn't look like the sun is gonna be the one cryin' "uncle" any time soon. 
i'm almost afraid to get the electric bill, there's no telling how much it might be. whatever it is, i guess i'll pay the piper.  after all it was 105 out there today and the a/c is doing it's thing to keep it from being that hot inside. what ever the cost, it'll be a small price to pay. i do like me some cool. aio                                                                                                                                               



  1. Hello from across the pond. I wandered over here thanks to Kelly and she gave us an instruction which I am duly following...If I ask very nicely, pretty please with a cherry on top, will you sing the water song for us? *grin*

  2. Me too, I'm here for the water song :) Please? I have a good reason - we live in the desert southwest and I have a dear friend, and my DH, who have had dehydration problems. They are undoubtedly tired of me starting every conversation with "How much water have you had today" and would probably get a big kick out of what I'm told is a cheeky water song instead :)

  3. Hello there!

    Kel sent me over to visit your blog...which is very nice by the way.

    I'm glad your A/C is doing its job in that awfully hot temps you're experiencing...and I'm sure as Kel was clear to point are taking in lots of water, right?? *giggles*

    Okay, yes, I am here for the water song as well. I have five children. They love the pool. I've tried my best to teach them the importance of hydration...and reinforcers are a good idea...

    So, please consider singing that song for us!! We'd really appreciate hearing it. Ohhh...and I'll play it for my kids too!! You'd have five smiling faces over here for sure!! (Now how could you refuse??)

    Cheers, Jenn