Wednesday, August 4, 2010

little bark, smaller bite..

slogging my way through a 4 miler today, i took notice of two young boys playing on their front stoop.  i've seen them out there before.  one might guess they are without adult supervision, but i don't know that to be true. likely mom was just behind the screen door with an eagle eye out for an sweaty, lecherous old men with a taste for young ones.

the older one might be 4, the younger about 2 or 3 i would guess.  today they were playing with a small puppy about 4 inches tall at the shoulder and maybe 10 weeks old. 

i didn't pay much attention, that is until i had already passed the house.  of a sudden, there was a gush of juvenile barking.  i turned to see as this little pup come charging off the porch in rush of puppy bravado.

a tiny puppy, all bowed up and protective of his pint sized friends.

i had to smile.  

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