Saturday, August 21, 2010

it's a sad day for my hospital family.  when i got to work this morning i learned that the shift supervisor on    6-b, the neuro/oncology unit across the way from the rehab unit i work on, died last night. the staff members on 6-b, our hospital family and any who knew this vibrant and exceedingly bright young nurse and mother in her early 30's, are in shock.  she worked a 12 hour shift, 7a.m.--7p.m., yesterday-- friday.  she had recently had abdominal surgery but that was weeks ago. might that be the cause?  who knows?  she had not been feeling well since the surgery, but as i said, she worked her 12 hour shift on friday.    family found her down at some point during the night.  attempts to resuscitate her failed.

everyone is left questioning the why and the how of it, trying to wrap their minds around what should not be.  6-b is a sea of tears.  she was well loved by her peers on the unit, liked and respected by any who had the privilege to know her.  disbelief is the under-statement of the day. 

with time, the emptiness her family and friends are feeling may ease.  maybe. the injustice of losing one so young never will. aio

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