Sunday, August 22, 2010


the names roxie and velma wended their way into our lives with the first show --chicago-- our b.and j. did at a.c.; in time they made their way to s.u.u. to further their broadway dreams.  not long after settling there they took in a feral kitten whose name would become roxie.  later on, another kitten was adopted into the fold.  she would be velma.

those of you who have feline family members well know the ease with which our feline friends become part and parcel of our lives.  so it was with roxie and velma.  they became the glue that held the two together.

that was some twenty years ago now.  unlike human kind, feline loyalty never wanes. though j. and b. grew apart and eventually separated, the feline connection that is roxie and velma remains..

twenty years is along time, for our feline friends it can be forever.  and so it seems forever ago that roxie and then velma came into their lives as constant and loving companions. and by proxy, the girls came into our lives as well as feline grandchildren. 

it is with a deep sadness i receive the news that roxie's life has run the course. our time together over these last years has been rare. it was evident to me in our last visits that her age was catching up with her. her frame grew more frail, her coat less than lustrous, her eyes less bright.  contentment was to lay in the sun soaking up the rays, warming her aging bones. 

no words suffice to ease the pain of her passing.  forever the space that was her will be empty.  some small comfort might be gained from the remembering of roxie in better days, the days when she was queen of the realm and all those around her subjects.

so to j. and b. and velma i send my love. roxie had a good life and our lives are all better for her having been a part.  savor the memories she leaves and wish her god's speed.

to roxie-- so long old girl. it's been good to know ya'.

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