Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the future is now...

the past year or so has given me a new appreciation for the continued pioneer spirit that was the foundation upon which our great country was built.  more specifically i'm referring to those i call my own.

the courage it takes to step outside one's established comfort zone cannot be under-estimated.  perhaps what i am referring to is not on the order of the pilgrims stepping foot onto the mayflower, but taking a huge step into the unknown, each has taken a leap of faith i'm not sure i'm capable of taking.

c., our middle son, not long after high school, made the move from little a-town to big a-town, choosing to pursue his dreams in the live music captiol of the world. he did so so against my better judgment and in spite of my fervent objections.  he had a plan and has persevered.  the demise of bands formed in a spirit of hope and a belief that given the right break success on a larger scale could be just one more bar gig away, has not deterred him. had it been me i might have given up, choosing to not put myself on the line again.  he is not me so he presses on with new ventures and a renewed hope that something great is going to happen. certainly he deserves some reward for all his labors toward that end.

c. has supported his dreams for years. in the process, she's worked at this and that, searching for just the right thing to make her own.  the pioneer spirit is alive and well in her. with courage, and faith in an idea, she has taken a step onto her personal mayflower in opening her store, "reclaim".  i admit to a good degree of concern when i first heard of her plan but it is an idea that has found it's time. that, and her beleif in self, is why the store is taking off for successful shores.

our oldest, having set up shop in the big easy, having settled into and adopted as his own the spirit that is new orleans, deserted the comfort of the known to follow r. to calfiornia.  it was a leap of faith to abandon the ease of the years there, to make that move with no job in hand, beforehand.  visiting with them this summer it was good to see that, like a chameleon, he has taken on wine country as a new skin.  to see he is settled into a new school and observe that he is accepted and respected for the work he is does a body good.

r., having finished her studies at sfai, is settling in to a second year of teaching a mchs.  she is overcoming the temerity that precludes success on many fronts. sharing what has been hard won for her earns my deepest admiration.  she is touching young lives, fostering in them a "can do" spirit and a confidence that will serve them well all their lives. turning off the alarm, throwing back the covers, planting feet on the floor every day deserves a medal for courage in the face of adversity, anytime.

now to our baby, the divine miss k.  throughout her life she has shown a strength seeded in the troubles she faced early in life and stoked by a determination to not be bested by her brothers, or anyone else for that matter.  just when i thought i had all my flock out of hurricane way she, and hubby k., up and moved from little a-town to the big easy.  their ventures there have taken root and continue to put forth new shoots.

i'd like to say such leaps of faith are beyond my scope.  upon further consideration though, my roots are settled deep into the panhandle, but as i reflect back on the decision that brought me here i see it was something of a leap of faith for me. on a smaller scale perhaps, but still without it my life, and theirs, would likely be something totally different.

even in these trying times the founding spirit, the willingness to risk the unknown that brought those before us across the water, is alive.  the faith that propelled settlers from our eastern shores expanding ever westward to settle this country is kindled in the young.  that spirit is still there. for one to take that step onto his or her own personal mayflower requires a courage not all that unlike that shown by those pilgrims of yore.  our country and our future is in good hands. aio   

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