Monday, March 4, 2013

just 7 days ago...

a week ago today, the bleezard of 2013, sped through little a-town pacing winds at 50-60 mph with gusts recorded to 77.  and by the way, on her way out of through town, mother nature left off 19 inches of heavy, wet snow.  not pretty while it was happenin' but a blessing just the same. the experts are saying the snow storm was not a drought buster, I get that, but it will give a reprieve to the thirsty parts here about for a time.

what a difference a week makes. yesterday, we saw temps in the middle seventies and today it was around there.  all that snow is gone! gone, that is , with the exception of deeper drifts in shaded areas and the mountains of snow pushed  into piles in parking lots across town. el grande sol, working his melty magic.  right on!

mother nature can be a ferocious force while leaving life giving moisture in her wake.

momma, you come on back now. ya' hear!


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