Sunday, February 24, 2013

it's gonna' be a BLEEEZARD ya'll--

the local weather gurus/alarmists are prognosticating from on high the ferocity of the snow/wind-storm heading this way.  I understand there is a job to done in getting folks prepared for the possibilities, but what are they?

 Possibly 3 to 8 inches of snow in the western panhandles with a possible 6-12 inches "or more" in the central and eastern panhandles.  If any, or all, of those inches would fall like the past couple of snow squalls, that is straight down, most any amount wouldn't be that much of a problem.  BUT, 6 to 12 inches with sustained winds at 20-30 mph with gusts of 45-55 thrown into the equation-- things could get very interesting.

my usual take on weather things is "i'll believe it when I see it".  what does worry me though is how dead on the bulls eye accurate the forecasts of those recent snow storms have been. If they get it right again this time-- whoa nelly!; but we here at 7420 are as ready as we can get.  hopefully, we won't lose power.  should that happen we can always drag the bear skin rugs up next to the fire in the fireplace and crack open a good book. we can light the burners on the kitchen stove for some heat in that part of the house.  We have plenty of provisions.  so-- not to worry, we'll be fine.

I was just kidding about the bear skin rugs, but we do have many fleece blankets plus three hot boxes of the feline variety.  again, we'll be fine!  and like I said, "i'll believe it when I see it".


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