Sunday, March 31, 2013

memory lane...

i'm amused by the things that trigger memories for me.  I stole snoopy on the easter egg from a post on the facebook.  my thanks and apologies to the original poster but the image was likely "borrowed" from elsewhere so I think i'll be able to sleep tonight; but I digress.

seeing snoopy in repose took me back to the early 90's.  our middle son, c., was in his second year as a student in little a-town's children's theatre school.  he had auditioned once before without being cast which might have put the damper on a lesser spirit, but not the indomitable c!

the production was to be Snoopy, the Musical. I think c. identified with linus to a degree in that he had a favorite "blanky" which in his younger years apparently gave his some comfort in the scary, dark of night.  auditioning that day were veterans of the stage, high schoolers, and the daring soon to be middle schooler in the guise of our c.

I still get teary when I remember back to that day.  clutching that blanket he stepped out onto the stage singing to the exit sign, "i'll give him seven minutes... that's all i'm gonna wait... exactly seven minutes... it's quarter until eight... the song went on but when the last note faded away casting director l.h. was heard to say, "we've got our linus".  he was cast to play against kids 3, 4, even 5 years older.  and as they say, the rest is history. he stood toe to toe with those older kids, giving as good as he got.

things haven't changed much over the years.  he continues to push the boundaries. the latest rendition of linus stood in front of the dead music capital band at HONKTX! 2013 last weekend.  he and his scary band of zombies stood toe to toe with bands from across this great country, giving as good as they got, bringing tears of pride to the old man's eyes, yet again. it's a habit of his I guess i'll have to learn to live with but I can't wait 'til next time.


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