Monday, November 14, 2011

the spectacle...


Every time I think of Halloween Night 2011 I find myself misting up.  To say I'm extremely proud of our middle son and his Halloween goings on would be a profound understatement.

That merry band otherwise known as the Krewe du Coeur Maudit staged their 5th annual Halloween event, this year a true parade, down Riverside to Congress and over to 6th Street ending the march on arrival at sponsoring clubs Elysium and Red 7.
                                    (photo by Jerry Howard)
Each year this event has grown bigger, each year better.  This years edition in moving into the streets to be seen as a fully fledged parade-- the "Circus of the 7 Dawns" was nothing short of spectacle.  The expansion of the zombie drum line into the "Dead Music Capitol Band" and the addition of the fantastic brass groups-- "Best, Best, Best Friends" and "Major Mayhem" upped the ante, topping the sum of the four previous marches by a wide margin. 

one word--fantastical-- might best describe the night! The giant puppets "Gertie",  a wraith "giraffelant" and the smoke breathing "skelerex", a fortune tellers booth, Franken-Berry, a menagerie of ghouls and goblins paraded along, stepping in time with the music of the bands, handing out doubloons commemorating the occasion. There was an amazing big top, a clutch of clown-bats all aflutter, a ghoulish group of marching girls with batons atwirl and flags afurl, the mesmerizing flickering of colored balloons, show girls with skirts aswishing and bringing up the rear a sight was seen that will be remembered long-- "Pennywise" the clown-clown and his accoutrement of scary clown propellers.  And as the cherry on this very delicious Halloween treat, high atop "Pennywise", complete with ginormous foam cowboy hat, the clown wrangler-- Ely.

So it seems that Krewe DCM has hit it out of the park again this year.  What will the amazing minds of Cap DCM and Ben the Wonder Welder conjure up for 2012?  I can't say but it's sure to be another, extra special, Halloween treat aimed at entertaining the masses and doing it's part in keeping Austin weird. 

I can't wait.

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