Friday, September 16, 2011

annual night of frights...

as the days ease their way through september, my anticipation for the "Circus of the 7 Dawns" grows exponentially in its keenness.   Halloween night 2011 draws near.

in each of the past four years, a different, themed, halloween march has been staged along congress avenue and 6th street, austin,tx.; with its credo "keep austin weird"  big a town is never without spectacle of one stripe or another. halloween night in austin has to be seen to be believed. 

the usual austin fright night weirdness has been taken to a whole 'nother level with the goings on of the Krewe de Couer Maudit.  moving from the sidewalks into the streets of Austin in 2011, this years themed march is "Circus of the 7 Dawns".  members of the krewe and special guests are being encouraged to let their imaginations run long in finding circus, or carnival themed, costumes with an eye toward the weird, the macabre if you will.


from the site (and the fertile mind of Chris McMillan) --

"It has been said that every few years, once Autumn arrives, when days are still warm but the wind blows cool at night... if you turn your face to that chill breeze, take a deep breath and listen closely, you might hear the sounds of a far off carnival.  The cries of long dead beasts from exotic lands, the fleeting smell of sawdust, the snap of canvas on rigging... they come on the late October wind and anyone both wise and wary knows the Circus of the 7 Dawns will soon roll into town.  When the new moon dawns seven days from the end of October, from 7 dusks to 7 dawns, the spectre grows stronger.  On the eve of Hallowmas, the apparition is finally visible and anyone brave enough to attend is amazed by the sights and sounds of the only circus of its kind in the world.  From the Brass Orchestras, the Human Marvels, the Illusionists, the Travelers and Fortune Tellers, the Coterie of Clowns...  all are there to perform one last time, reminding us all to enjoy life's wonders while we still can. At sunrise the Circus of the 7 Dawns disappears... leaving behind only the myth and mystery that brought them in with the Autumn wind."

If I've piqued your curiosity even a bit, you can check out some amateur video of past years marches at  , listen to songs for  this year's march at or make a donation to the cause at  (look to the tope of your screen for a link to these sites, when you left click on an address)


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