Monday, December 5, 2011

it's snowing...

as usual, the weather gurus have it wrong again.   the prediction was for snow, "up to an inch on the west side of of little a-town" and tapering off as it passes to the east. it started to snow as i was going to bed last night. as the hour approaches noon, it continues to snow pretty hard at times and accumulation here at 7420 is likely close to 3 inches, give or take. there's nothing wrong with that, we need the moisture.

in general, i object to feeding the birds; particularly in the summertime when there should be plenty of food about. i have a particular prejudice against the common sparrow, the first bird species to move into the neighborhood when we built our thirty odd years ago.

over the years more and different species have come around. i remember our excitement the first spring we saw robin red breast come to call.

my wife (being a buckeye by birth) just about came unglued when she saw the first cardinal flitting about the yard in the spring/summer of '10. this past summmer she watched as juvenile cardinals grew into adulthood.

this morning, with snow on the ground and snow still falling at times, watching the variety of birds gathering for some free seeds and suet at the feeders, (including a beautiful, bright red cardinal btw) my objection to feeding the birds makes little sense.

i can hear them as they feed "chirp, chirp". loosely translated they're saying "thanks, ohio buckeye lady, many thanks".

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