Friday, July 1, 2011

three eared wind rabbits...


wind, the movement of the atmosphere, steered by forces unseen has been a part of my life since my first memories.  growing up in the middle of the dry land cotton patch, in springtime, the force of the wind picked up the sand turning the sun a reddish brown.

having lived square in the middle of the panhandle for the past forty years the wind is as omnipresent as in my youth, a bit less visible perhaps as the soil up this way is tighter, more clay than sand.  on a particularly windy day around here i've been heard to remark, "it's a great day to not be in the hub city". on any windy day in the panhandle there might be dust in the air and on the horizon but further south a windy spring day can be equal to a sand blaster.  legend has it that a persnickety friend of mind, whose travels often take him through my home town and down into the oil patch, has more than once had to have one side of his car re-painted after suffering the effects of pushing the speed limit compounded by a brisk spring time "sand storm".

with the advent of alternative power sources, in particular wind generators, i've developed a keen interest in the possibility of earning untold fortune by allowing wind turbines to grace the family acreage in lynn county.

with that in mind, on my trips to big a town i've paid keen attention to the proliferation of the "three eared wind rabbits".  from post and on down to sweetwater each trip i've witnessed the turbines are apparently as fertile as the bunnies.  spreading as fast as a panhandle wildfire, the increase in their numbers is stunning as is the construction of the heavy duty transmission lines to carry the electricity that is the result of these lazy spinners.


i've commented before that many of the "wind rabbits" are located in the middle of cotton fields and not on the edge of mesas as one might think is necessary.  thus the cause of my excitement.  we have a cotton field.  i have 18 years of anecdotal proof that the wind is ever present across it's acres.  the only snag that i can see is that there is not an accessible transmission line in sight of those acres (not yet ) but with the way the "three eared wind rabbits" are breeding, i'm hoping it won't be too long before there is. ya'll hope with me please, please and pretty please.  i'm not too good to beg!  aio

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  1. I love it! Wind! Wind! Wind! Talk to Kate over at On a Chicken Wing and a Prayer - they put one on their land outside of little a. I think she even blogged about it. Oh and look at Facebook...Calico Jack posted a funny (fake) news clip about wind energy.