Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the fourth of july, laser style....


with the area drier than a powder keg and with the ban on sales, or use, of fireworks it was with keen anticipation that i gathered with some 5000 of my closest friends awaiting the 57th annual amarillo globe news fourth of july celebration. in past years a fireworks show has been choreographed with a "canned" musical program.  a welcome wrinkle for this year's celebration was the addition of the amarillo symphony orchestra (resurrecting a very popular program with a labor day fireworks display sponsored by cellular one) playing a pre-program of familiar tunes and a patriotic program to accompany the choreographed laser show.

recipe for an all-american fourth.  let's run it down.

beautiful weather, hot with a gentle breeze and no chance of rain. check
fire department honor guard posting the flags (nice touch). check 
the symphony playing the star spangle banner, conducted by agn man of the year and symphony icon, eddie melin. check.
hot dogs, hamburgers and apple or cherry pie. check
keen anticipation of sunset. check
symphony ably playing a patriotic program conducted by maestro kimbo. check
breathtaking fireworks display. (maybe next year)
laser program to accompany music. check
a good time had by one and all. check


when one thinks of the fourth of july, a traditional fireworks display likely comes to mind. still, i applaud the globe news for wisely going a different direction for this year's celebration.  was the laser show as exciting as a fireworks display would have been? perhaps not, but it did provide a spark that in the end carried the day. aio

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