Sunday, July 3, 2011

my new favorite word...

i've always loved the smell of rain.  folks who live in climes that are not subject to the ravages of drought may not have ever been privileged to the smell of rain after a long dry spell.  until tonight i didn't know there is an actual word for it.  that word is petrichor-- defined as the smell of rain on the earth after a long dry spell.  a good number of us here in the ultra dry panhandle were treated to that most delicious smell tonight as a wide band of rain moved in from the north at a snail's pace. watching the front approach on radar it seemed that it might not ever reach 7420 but at last it did and with it that wonderful smell, absent for so long, but instantly recognizable and a reward in itself.

the good thing about this system is that it wasn't a ferocious downpour like we sometimes see, but more of a steady, slow moving soaker. on radar it appears that the system is just about past us as it moves on down the way, sharing it's blessings as it goes. 

standing in the dark living room, the tinkling on the skylights tell me it is still sprinkling just a bit.  sprinkle or downpour, when it's as dry as it's been, we'll take any rain we can get.  if it rains so much i never smell petrichor again, i would miss it but i guess that would be alright too. aio 

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