Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014

Labor Day, 2014

...but, i like the take from a couple of strips in the funny papers today referring to today as Lazy Day.

those pundits aren't far from right.  there's not a lot of labor going on today, or any day in modern times.  take mowing the lawn for instance.  i recall mowing my aunt Celeste's lawn back in the 60's with a push mower.  now that same task can be accomplished with a mower equipped with front, or rear, wheel drive and enough power to make the guider feel as thought the machine in front is about to levitate him off the ground to flap in the wind like a neckerchief held out a car window at highway speeds.

such is the bane, or blessing, of progress and a testament to just how lazy modern man has become.  or perhaps it is a testament to man's ingenuity. fingering out how to accomplish a task with greater ease, in less time while investing less sweat equity in the process.

i grew up the son of a dry land cotton farmer.  long gone, the days of breaking ground with a one row plow pulled by a two yoke team.  i was fortunate to have a poppin' johnny four row.  that didn't stop me from casting a covetous eye across the turn row at my neighbor on his six row farmall.

it's the nature of man to seek a better way, a way that requires less time, less effort to accomplish the task at hand and for that we all should be thankful.

Happy Lazy Day, ya'll!!    

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