Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pictures in Music...

Attendance was scant at tonight's ASO performance.  Rightly so perhaps as all roads leading to the Globe News Center had much in common with the Bulls hockey rink just across the street. Wise as it may have been for the aging symphony faithful to forgo the concert in view of the weather, the many who were absent missed a dandy of a concert.

I am starting to discern a deftness in programming choices under Jacomo's baton. The theme for tonight's concert, "Pictures in Music" was evident in each of the pieces presented. There is continuity as opposed to the sometimes discordant programs of the past.

Schoenberg's "Finding Rothko" was as fine as frog hair split four ways. Elena Urioste deftly limned "The Lark Rising" and did the Gypsies proud in her rendering of "Tzigane". Jacomo's conducting and the orchestra's performance of "Pictures at an Exhibition" was deserving of the standing O from the audience and the seated O from the musicians. The evening was as delightful as the weather outside was frightful. Thank you, one and all.

I wonder what wonder the next concert and the rest of the season will bring?  I can hardly wait to see and hear whatever it may be.


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