Wednesday, January 16, 2013

gun control is the hot topic of discussion of late.  in the interval since the horror of Newtown the fury has risen to a fever pitch.  Today, President Obama signed 23 executive orders whose aim is "to strengthen measures already in place" or something along those lines.  if you asked a hundred people for their thoughts on gun control, you might well get a hundred different responses.  

as a gun owner. and a supporter of the 2nd amendment, I do question the need to own guns like the AR-15 and high capacity magazines. Certainly that much firepower is not needed for hunting, nor for home defense. As for the "for sport" argument i can think of  more productive uses for the money spent on these types of guns, magazines and ammo.   

you may know the black comic, D.L. Hugely.  he was on with Jay Leno last night. Hugely professes to be a gun owner but he questions the need for a "bushmaster" type weapon and a high capacity magazine for home defense.  Going for a laugh, he asked, "who is invading your house-- Afghanistan?"  His query, made in jest, has merit.  as a homeowner you should damn well be able to dissuade or disable a home invader in 7-10 shots.  if not, you may be more of a danger to self, and others, than the intruder.

The truth of the matter is, at least in my opinion, these weapons pose no degree of increased risk when in the hands of your "average joe."  i have no problem with any background check the authorities want to run on me.  i have nothing to hide.  there is nothing in my background that would preclude me from buying, owning and using an AR-15 with an extended magazine for its intended purpose, but i am not at war with anyone.

all the rhetoric coming out of washington does concern me.  i believe that no measure passed by the congress  can 100% guarantee there will not be another aurora or newtown.  where there is a will, there is a way; an individual, bent on doing evil, will find a way.  restrict the legal purchase of these weapons and magazines and large amounts of ammunition, broaden the scope of background checks if you will mr. president. these restrictions will serve only to limit the rights of the law abiding citizens of this great country.

those bent on usurping the law will find a way.  those looking to satisfy the demand for these guns, legal or no, will find a way.  those who would suffer most under these broader restrictions are the ones who would pose little danger in owning said items in the first place.  where there is a will....

BTW, we're locked and loaded here at 7420.  Intruders, enter at your own peril, and FYI, . CHL is forthcoming.


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